My visits to the Lezíria Farm remain with the renewed frequency in the summer of 2021. My systematic return is not a surprise. The bonds of friendship, established in childhood, make me want to accompany those who receive me in this destination. The conservation of Lezíria is still ongoing, claiming the involvement of everyone.

The Farm is now at a new level. The result of the work invested here becomes visible, while nature rewards what has been planted and taken care of. The main house has given up its status to the neighboring house, where life now unfolds with reinforced stability.

Around me, I observe a less fragile, more gentle and airy Lezíria. The looks that surround me betray a more relaxed environment, as concerns are being relieved or simply being pushed back into the future. The present time is being enjoyed.

I let myself be carried away by complicity, appreciating in my inner self every small victory already achieved. I am driven by the desire to transmit to future generations the importance of this place. For that, I resort to the process of capturing moments. I insist on doing so, indefinitely. I am pleased to think that, in this way, I praise the memory of those who opened the path for me towards the Lezíria Farm.