In April 2019 I participated in the 10th edition of the “Photographic Narratives in Intendente” workshop, conducted by photographer Pauliana Valente Pimentel and promoted by Casa Independente. For the purpose of making a visual collection on a particular characteristic of Intendente neighborhood, in Lisbon, I opted for the local business aspect, settling on the establishment “Artes Gráficas JMA Lda.”.

Installed since 1998 in an interior courtyard of Rua da Palma, where a firm of similar activity had been working for decades, Jorge de Melo Augusto's print shop is a living example of dedication to the industry to which it belongs. Is a peculiar space of persistent character in an multicultural area, constantly changing and moving.

The three occupants, who make this their home during the daily working hours, have a long history in the printing industry and set up a small factory according to their suitability. By combining older processes with some current tools, this print shop is resisting modern printing methods using traditional equipment, obsolete in some cases but responding in a valid way to the requests of small and medium traders.

The environment that is lived here, familiar and welcoming, is governed by the love of a secular art, where the sharing of techniques and associated memories is done with joy and desire for continuity. The future brings some uncertainty in the face of inevitable progress, however, the desire to move on remains alive, defying the setbacks, the apprehension and the wear of men and machines.

This photographic work intends to document the soul of this space, filled with the daily life of Mr. Augusto, Mr. Ramos and Mr. Santos. In directing the eyes to his interior, it is my goal to highlight the heritage that houses, so as not to let the art produced there fall into oblivion.